MAZDASPEED Contingency Awards

MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS DEVELOPMENT offers a comprehensive contingency awards program for certain types and levels of motorsports.

Please download our complete Contingency Awards Brochure for information on eligible clubs, classes and the associated awards. You can also download the separate components from the Forms Page.

To be eligible for contingency awards, racers must already be a member of the MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS racing support program and must display the proper decals on their vehicle.

Once a member, you do not need to pre-enroll for any events. If eligible for a contingency award payout, you'll need to send in a contingency request form along with a color photo of your vehicle showing proper decal placement, and a completed W-9 form. All necessary forms are included in the above download. You must submit contingency requests within 30 days of event to be paid.

Completed forms MUST BE MAILED.

Please mail to:

IRVINE , CA 92614


Ladder Program

Up-and-coming race drivers have two major challenges: winning on the track, and finding the resources to move up to the next level. Mazda in conjunction with series corporate partners is making the second task significantly easier for this year's champion drivers. Mazda will provide a next-level, fully-funded ride in a Mazda powered car to the 2007 champions of selected Mazda series.

Mazda is committed to developing the next generation of racers with a ladder system that provides drivers with Mazda and Mazda-powered open and closed-wheel cars throughout their careers. Similar to our contingency program, these are performance-based rewards. See our Ladder Program page for further information.

Decal Requirements For Contingency:


For Stock/Production bodywork

  • 26" length "MAZDASPEED" logo decal on foremost part of hood* Part number (0000-10-MS26-XX)
  • 22" length (minimum) "Mazda" logo decal on each rear quarter panel above wheel opening (note the brand symbol or "Winged-M" should no longer be used with the Mazda decal on the rear quarter panels) (Part number 0000-10-0022-XX)
  • 5" Mazda patch on driver's suit (pocket area) in classes where a driver's suit is required. (Part number (0000-10-PTCH-05)

Above parts are available in a complete decal kit, along with a few extra decals. See Kits below.

For Open Wheel & Sports Racers

  • Mazda under 'brand symbol' vertical logo (Winged-M) on front nose. (Part number 0000-10-VM16-XX)
  • 16" length (minimum) "Mazda" logo decal on both side of engine cover. (Part number 0000-10-0016-XX)
  • 5" Mazda patch on driver's suit (pocket area) in classes where a driver's suit is required. (Part number (0000-10-PTCH-05)

XX - For part decals and kits above, replace XX in the part number with BL for Blue, BK for Black, SL for Silver, or WH for White.

*Notes: - Mazda Decals are available in white, black, silver and blue (no other color may be used). Mazda decal must be placed on an area of the car with a solid color background. Also, the Mazda decal should not be tilted or displayed at an angle. Also, no outlining or offsetting of Mazda logo is permitted.

MAZDASPEED decals are available in white, black and silver and blue. Other than these colors, the only other color permitted is orange. As with Mazda logo, no tilting, outlining or offsetting is permitted and the decal must be placed on a solid color background.

If you have older 16" Mazda decals on the quarter panels and need to order the 22" decal, the part numbers are:

0000-10-0022-WH for white, 0000-10-0022-BK for black, 00000-10-0022-BL for blue, and 0000-10-0022-SL for silver.

Complete Decal Kits are available for order online. Decal kits include 5" Mazda patch and required decals for Stock/Production bodywork cars, PLUS 2-8" Mazda logos, 2-5" Mazda logos and some Zoom-Zoom decals.



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